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About us

Our story begins with the enterprising spirit of a young man, born in the tannery family, whose dream was to transform the leather and innovate in a sector that has so much to give.

Ribacouro was born in 1995 in a small warehouse in the town of Monsanto, municipality of Alcanena, as a result of a huge desire to win and to conquer it's place in the leather market.

Together with a knowledge that he already had in his baggage, also obtained from the work in the family factory, this youg man begins to travel the world searching for new products and acquaintance, always trying to match the individual needs of each client.

The strong will of growing and the need of expansion lead Ribacouro to purchase two former factories in Alcanena. All the logistics is moved there, becoming a base structure of the company, where is also located the head office and is established the centre of all the activity until nowadays.

Travelling worlwide allowed to Ribacouro not only the knowledge, but also the possibility of having several products in storage with a lot of different origins. This grants us a possibility to create a diversity so vast and wide, that our products are always in style and stand out for quality and innovation.

Following up the latest trends in fashion and the strong creative sense of our technical team, that is unceasingly seeking for the differentiation of the final product in quality and design, lead Ribacouro to respond to the maximum to the requests of each client. Together, we try to create a partnership, so that the quality and the desired product could be achieved in the end.

This journey through the world of leather has been a challenge for Ribacouro...

We hope this trip to continue and that we can always meet your expectations...

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